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Democrats promoting pro-life work on Michigan campuses

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Pro-life work on campuses is very important, since the college years are a time when many people are especially open to asking questions and exploring their beliefs. The board of Michigan Democrats for Life is therefore inviting our members to contribute toward a ‘platinum sponsorship’ for the annual benefit dinner of ProtectLife Michigan. That organization does an excellent job of providing resources, training, and events that help students recognize the value of every life from the earliest stages of the human life cycle. (You may have seen their information table at the national conference of pro-life Democrats in East Lansing in 2018.)

Our sponsorship is especially needed this year because the dinner is being held online on account of COVID. The sponsorship will also enable us to put our name and web address in front of pro-life students and other people who participate in the event. We can complement the work of other pro-life organizations among liberal students by showing that it is possible to be ‘pro-life for the whole life’ as a Democrat.

You can help by making out a check to ‘ProtectLife Michigan’ and sending it to MDFL’s treasurer:

John Quinn

2003 Military Street

Detroit, MI 48209

(By making the check out to ProtectLife instead of MDFL, you will be able to claim a tax deduction if you itemize on your federal return. Also, donating by check lets you avoid credit card fees, so your full donation will support pro-life work on Michigan campuses.)

If you prefer to donate online by credit card, you can do so through a link provided below. (Be sure to put ‘toward MDFL sponsorship’ in the ‘Donation Comment’ box, and please also send an email stating the amount of your donation to – that will help us track our progress toward a platinum sponsorship.)

Here are some useful links:

• Information about ProtectLife

• Register for the free online event (please list 'MDFL' as your virtual table host)

• Donate online

(please put 'toward MDFL sponsorship' in the 'Donation Comment' box)

• Let MDFL know about your online donation

Please send an email to

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