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Has abortion decreased more under Democratic presidents than under Republicans?

Thank you to Michigan Right to Life for publishing data showing that abortions have consistently decreased more under Democratic presidents than under Republicans.  Unfortunately, you would never realize that if you only read their article's misleading title and rhetoric without examining their data.  Michigan Right to Life has done some good work to promote the cause of life, but this article is not one of their better efforts.  Click here to read their article and our commentary, and then decide for yourself.


How are whole-life Democrats different from pro-life Republicans and pro-choice Democrats?


Click on one of the links below to see the flyer that MDFL prepared for its information table at the 2020 Michigan Democratic Convention that was cancelled because of COVID-19.

Click here if you are a Democrat, but not pro-life

Click here if you are pro-life, but not a Democrat

(The only difference is which side of the page people want to read first, so click either link if you are already a whole-life Democrat.) 


Did congressional Democrats try to sneak abortion funding into the COVID-19 relief bill?


What will a ban on live-dismemberment abortion actually accomplish?


Information about the 2019 National Conference of Democrats for Life (held in Lansing, Michigan)


Agenda in English

Orden del día en español


(Someday there will be videos of the conference presentations, but they are still being processed.)


Amicus brief filed by MDFL with the Michigan Supreme Court in June, 2019


In 2018, the Republican majority of the Michigan legislature kept a citizen petition to raise the minimum wage off the ballot by enacting the proposed language, and then they gutted the legislation during the subsequent lame duck session.  If this precedent is allowed to stand, it can be disastrous to the pro-life movement and any other citizen movement in Michigan.  Future legislatures can block citizen ballot proposals by the same strategy of adopting the proposal they disagree with and then negating it after the election.